Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding projects part 1

Shockingly enough, I didn't manage a post before my wedding. While I'm sad about that, I'm really happy to be done with wedding planning - and happy that I didn't kill anyone during the process.
All in all, it was an awesome wedding. It would have been hard to tell that we switched our ceremony from outside to inside a scant 2 hours before we were scheduled to start. Everyone had a great time and loved all of the little things that made the wedding very 'us.'

One of the first projects I worked on for the wedding was making my bouquet, and bouquets for my four lovely best women. This was also my most time-consuming project, but fortunately I was able to start in January. First I made the roses out of recycled sweaters. I used 3 shades of purple, white, and green. My bouquet has 20 flowers, and each of my girls bouquets had 10, so that took some time.
Then I attached each rose to a 'stem' of aluminum sculpture wire, and sewed on a green base. I didn't cover the whole wire, just about 3 - 4 inches.

For my girls, I ended up creating some leaves in a citrus-y green, and wiring them with floral wire. For my bouquet, I was lucky enough to be able to incorporate some faux lillies-of-the-valley that my mom had pinned to her wedding dress.

I also decided that I wanted just a bit of sparkle, so I wired some clear Czech crystals onto copper beading wire. I wrapped all of them in the same style, with a heavy white brocade-type material and tied with a thin spring green ribbon.
I spent a crazy amount of time working on these, but I love them! Plus, now I get to keep it forever as a work of art.

Photos were taken by the fabulous Mia Jade Photography.

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