Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedding projects part 3

Originally, I had planned to make white roses for all of the guys boutonnieres. I actually did make all the roses - and then someone pointed out that the roses were a little big. It turned out that the white sweater that I was working with was just too thick to look 'right' on a suit. At this point, my favorite thrift stores weren't selling sweaters anymore, and I was running low on time.

So I changed it up to calla lillies instead. Here, the thickness of the sweater was an asset instead of a problem. Again, I added a sprig of Lilly-of-the-Valley to the flowers for our dads and for my husband(!).

One of the best parts was that I got to hand them out to our dads & grandad at our rehearsal dinner as a gift! And, my mother-in-law had all of the groomsmen's flowers the night before - I didn't have to worry about delivery or wilted flowers!

More awesome photos by Mia Jade Photography.

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