Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poor neglected blog ...

So, I see that my last post was August 9th, 2010. Let me tell you why, and then we can try to start fresh.

On August 15th, my partner in rain barrel installation (and in everything else) proposed! While we had been talking about it for quite some time - and had looked at rings together - he caught me completely off guard.
On August 16th, I was hired as an elementary art educator for an amazing school in a district that truly values the arts. (As opposed to my last district, who cut art, music & PE for their K-6 students after levy failures, leaving me unemployed for a year.)

So good news all around - happily engaged, happily employed - but incredibly busy. Planning a wedding is not the easy thing that I had imagined or hoped for! Not surprisingly, there are lots of projects that I want to make myself. (More on these in future posts.)
Also, my job - while completely amazing - has consumed huge amounts of time. I have about 550 students in grades 1-5 that I see on a four day rotation. I have a great room all to myself (with windows, even!) that needed to be cleared out after 20+ years of occupancy by the previous teacher. I am still finding random things here and there, trying to consolidate and organize so that I know where everything is.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon - with pictures! - of some of the projects I've been working on.