Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wanderlust abroad . . .

It's been a busy month! Craft shows and business meetings and custom orders - whew!

But I'm thrilled to announce that some of my work is now available in . . . . Belgium! Back in the begining of September, a lovely woman named Elaine visited my booth at Artisan Sundays. She spotted the Wanderlust pins, and promptly found a pin showing her husband's hometown in France. She told me that she lives in Belgium and works at a gift shop, and would love to buy some Wanderlust to take back with her! Long story short, her husband brought over some maps, I spent a few days button-making, and now there are Wanderlust magnets in Belgium.

If you're ever there, check out:
The Gift Boutique
Avenue des Erables, 1-1640 Rhode-St.-Genese, Belgium

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